September 15th - October 2nd 2015

'Grange Farm Lady Fiona', Shire Mare

I am delighted to announce that Nick Bibby will be having a special exhibition of his sculptures in America this September at my friend Greg Ladd’s beautiful Crossgate gallery in Lexington Kentucky. The show will include new pieces and a selection of work from his acclaimed “Champion Animals“ collection inspired by the great Herbert Haseltine.

I will be there for the opening on the 15th and would love to see any of you who can attend. If you would like to receive an invitation to the private view please email me, or just turn up!

Gerry Farrell

Cross Gate Gallery

509 East Main Street
Lexington, KY 40508

Phone: (859)233-3856
Fax: (859)233-3857

'Indomitable' Kodiak Brown Bear

Nick Bibby

Lifesize Bear installed on Oxford Street

Nick BibbySladmore Contemporary


Nick Bibby

Exhibition of new work Extended until 1st August 2014

Due to popular demand and the Installation of his sculpture of a life size Bear on Oxford Street we have decided to extend the show until Friday August 1st 2014.

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The creation of the monumental bronze sculpture, INDOMITABLE, depicting a life-size Kodiak Grizzly Bear, has been a mammoth undertaking, requiring the talents of Nick and over 100 skilled workers at Pangolin Editions foundry in Chalford, Gloucestershire, to bring to fruition. Commissioned by Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Nick began by sculpting a 1/5th scale Grizzly Bear in water-based clay, which was then moulded and cast by Pangolin. This cast was laser scanned to provide computer data used to create an exact digital enlargement in urethane foam. This foam enlargement was then covered with a thin layer of wax by Pangolins talented modellers, to provide a key for the final layer of wax modelling clay added by Nick to sculpt the intense detail and texture of the finished piece. The completed monumental foam and wax sculpture was cut apart for moulding and casting into bronze. Cast in 12 separate sections and using over 2500lbs of bronze, the head and paws were cast using the cire perdu or, 'Lost Wax' method, whilst the two body sections were cast using giant sand moulds. The various sections were subsequently welded together and the welds skilfully concealed prior to being patinated and attached to the massive fabricated sheet bronze and stainless steel plinth, using huge stainless steel bolts. Involving over 3,000 hours work by Nick and the team at Pangolin; weighing in at over 5000 lbs and towering to 15 feet in height, the finished bronze sculpture projects an almost unbelievable aura of power and majesty, deeply affecting all who see it. Produced in an edition of 3, a second cast has already been sold and is currently in production.


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